How To Bargain On Real Estate Commissions

Sure most real estate brokers will charge a standard commission, but you just never know, you may be able to bargain them down to a better price. The general trend lately has been for these rates to come down, but it is worth trying to get them even lower if you can.

Legally, commissions have to be up for bargaining otherwise they could be prosecuted for price fixing. With regard to real estate commission, just getting a percentage point off is worth it.

Once you have made up your mind to bargain on commission, you need to do some analysis so that you know what general prices are at the time. Because it is your house that they are making money on, you have a bit of leverage.

You should ask several brokers to give you a commission quote. Then you can use these figures to secure the best rate. Also, by finding out as much as you can, you may find more information that will give you even more leverage.

Going online is probably the best place to find all the information you will need to bargain on commissions. The web has increase competition between brokers, and it is the perfect place to find out what is happening in the market at the time.

Another good thing to do is to offer your broker a variety of rewards to ensure you get a lower rate. For instance, you could offer a cash amount if your place sells within a time period, or if it goes for a set amount.

If after all this, you still cannot get a cheaper commission rate, then you need to see if you can find a broker who has a cheaper flat rate. Usually, these can be found online, they often save money by not having physical offices.

The cheap ones will often let you select which services they will do. If you do this, then you can cut back where you want and save some cash.