How a Legal Aid Lawyer Can Help You?

However, it’s quite imperative to get an idea about the legal things, if you, or a loved one, is charged with a crime, for the cogs turned wrong at some unfortunate time.

You are arrested and have been accused of some felony. It all happened so quickly that you didn’t even get time to understand what was going on. Though you have the right to ask for a criminal solicitors and get his advice, you are not entitled any legal aid from their end.

For that matter, you need to qualify the two fold test, which includes the interest of justice in your case, and your financial status. It’s only after you are found eligible for the proceedings, you are considered for any legal aid. However, still, the lawyer can’t help you as such. He would first have to prepare your case, in order to represent you at the court.

Now, the points that make get you the interest of the justice depends on your stakes of being at loss. Like, if you are found at the risk of losing your job, or on the verge of getting your reputation damaged, or suffering from some mental illness or having issue like language and far-off location, you may qualify the first test. On the other hand, in order to meet the eligibility criteria for the second test and thus to hire a legal aid lawyer, you need to disclose your financial status to the court.

You’re likely to be chosen for a free aid, considering your outdoing, or in case your income is found quite less than the minimum level set by the Legal Service commission. Under other conditions, if you’re below 18 years, or receive any of the state’s benefits, you may be provided free of cost legal aid. Now, once after you get Court’s consent for representation order, starts the process for legal aid lawyer.

At the same time, there remain chances that you may lose your case, and can be found guilty for the charges preferred against you. So, if your case in magistrates’ court doesn’t bear any results, the appeal lies to the crown court, and the same process is repeated, in order to entitle you a legal aid lawyer yet again. But, here at the crown court you may need to pay towards the cost of your defense. This cost can be either from a part of your income, or from the capital assets that you own. For that matter, you need to submit the evidence for your assets in court.

Now, if the legal aid lawyer remains successful in proving you innocent and bringing you a release from the charges, your entire amount will be refunded by the court. But, in case you are found guilty or at fault, you would need to pay towards your defense from the capital assets you may have.