Is Pre-Paid Legal a Legitimate Opportunity?

Pre-Paid Legal was started from a tragedy that happened on July 11, 1969. Harland Stonecipher was involved in a serious head-on collision that damaged his car, required medical care, and a stay in the hospital. Harland had auto, health, and life insurance to cover the costs, but no protection the legal bills that accumulated.

Frustrated from this experience, Harland Stonecipher started Pre-Paid Legal on August 8,1972 offering legal expense reimbursement services as a motor service club. Ten years later, Prepaid started the network marketing business model. Today Pre-Paid Legal is listed on the NYSE and is a monster of a company.

The Service

Pre-Paid Legal offers a service that connects their customers to qualified attorneys and law firms when they need it. Anyone can become a customer for $26 per month or less depending on the plan they want. There are many plans to choose from based on your need and the state you are located in.

The Business Opportunity

The entry cost is low. You can join Pre-Paid Legal and become an associate for $49. Pre-Paid Legal offers three ways to make money. The first source of income is receiving immediate commissions from individual memberships, employee benefit memberships, and other plans.

Override commissions are the second source of income. Override commissions are paid when you and your team enroll other associates. Pre-Paid’s compensation plan is a Stair-Step Breakaway. They pay out 1 year advanced commissions on all their plans. Every time a distributor personally sponsors someone into the business, the associate receives a commission ranging from $69-$250. Associates earn the override commissions when certain qualifications and levels are met. Here are the levels and override commissions based on 26$ Expanded Family Plan enrollments.

· Bronze $7.00
· Silver $5.00
· Gold $4.00
· Platinum $2.00
· Platinum 2 through 7 $0.50

The third source of income is Executive Director Breakaway Bonus Advance, Director Breakaway Bonus Advance, and Platinum Breakaway Bonuses.

Pre-Paid Legal has passed the acid test. The company will continue to grow while providing excellent legal services to their customers. Learning how to market in this business is key if you want to become successful. You need the right skills and knowledge if you want to generate the kind of momentum the top producers do. The top marketer know a simple strategy that keeps people in the game by making money of leads even if they do not join your business. These strategies and tools are a must if you’re serious about building a large sales team and creating lifetime residual income.

Agent’s Commission – How Much Should A Seller Pay?

When selling a house – is it practical for you to have it done through a real estate agent? If you want it sold fast, then the most logical thing to do is have it listed through an agent. These professional experts have experiences that can expedite the sale. But some are wary about employing an agent because of the commission outlay, an amount which could be quite material.

How much commission does a house seller have to pay to his agent? This has been a perennial question asked by a seller? Maybe there had been no straightforward answer given to this. All that has been divulged is that the agent’s commission is a percentage of the total contract price of the property sold. And that the commission is paid upon culmination of the transaction.

The truth about commission- there is no standard and legal commission rate. In reality, the setting of a fixed commission by real estate agencies is prohibited. This could be the reason why the amount of commission is not clear. Each agency has its own rate.

Real estate agencies can actually charge any commission they would want. It all depends on the people, the seller for that matter – how much this seller is willing to share to his or her agent from the proceeds of the sale. The commission can be very high as there is no ceiling. What keeps it down and reasonable is competition. Even in this setting of commission – the economic law of supply and demand seems to penetrate. The presence of many agents keeps the price down.

The commission is internal arrangement between the agency and the agents. The company can set a maximum and minimum rate for the agents and the latter are allowed to negotiate the commission with the clients. If the agent is under a broker, the commission has to be shared between them. Upon listing of the property, the agent already has stipulated the percentage of commission to be set upon sale. If this agent wants to lower this percentage, he has first to seek approval from his supervising broker. This can be done as there really is no fixed commission rate and the arrangement of rate is just internal.

But then there is one restriction – the agent can never divulge to other real estate agents the amount of commission to be put on top of the selling price. And in the same manner, real estate companies are not supposed to expose to any agent outside of the company their implemented rate. The commission earned on the sale is a split between the listing company or broker and the agent. The sharing between them is again a matter of agreement in-between.

Whatever is the amount of commission, a seller should know that he or she can haggle with it. The rate of commission, in this stiff competition, is negotiable. The seller can always search for better deal which will mean less expense for him or her.

The Legal, Ethical and Moral Problems Associated With Surrogacy

The legal, ethical and moral problems associated with surrogacy

A surrogate motherhood entails carrying and delivering a child (premature delivery is also included) under the contract concluded between a substitute mother and commissioning couples. Normally, a proxy is impregnated by implanting the zygote into her uterus. This zygote is formed in a laboratory using commissioning couple gametes or donor gametes. As the rate of infertility is rising every year, surrogacy is becoming more popular. Couples who are not in a financial status to invest much on this process are traveling to different countries where they can expect the same process at less cost. Surrogacy tourism is becoming more popular in Asian countries such as India. However, the increasing popularity of surrogacy has given rise to many legal, political, moral and ethical problems.

In this article, we are focusing on the rights of married infertile couples who made a contract with the surrogate mother to have a biological baby; ensuring the rights of a baby born to a substitute and the different factors included in a contract made with a substitute. The moral and ethical issues associated with the surrogacy are also considered. Doctors observe the problems associated with the surrogate motherhood in a sensible point of view, adhere to the up-to-date ART technologies and always encourage substitutes to move forward. However, the solicitors also don’t observe any particular ethical problems. According to the lawyers, every person has the rights to use their body and mind to commit action in accordance with his consciousness and will.

Commissioning couples seeking surrogacy to have a biological baby should face some legal problem in spite of considering this process as legal. As there is no law governing surrogacy in many states, the commissioning couples often face many obstacles while owning their biological baby. In some cases, when the substitute rejects to hand over the baby, the intended parents often face trouble. According to some state laws, the substitute has the right to keep the baby after delivery, as a result, the infertile married couples who gave their consent for an embryo transfer and made contract with the surrogate to carry their child, will be dishonored. Undoubtedly, at this circumstance either the deceived couples ask reimbursement or their baby. However, women who wish to become surrogate mother often face financial hardship; it will become hard for them dishonor the contract. Such haziness makes it impossible for the proxies to dishonor the laws.

Most of the state laws prefer to show a legal essence in a contract made between commissioning couple and surrogate mother. Some solicitors also argue that ensuring rights of children born to substitutes is also important. In some states, the experienced solicitors are working constantly to establish a strong surrogacy laws in order to give legal rights to the infertile married couples, surrogate mother who bear child upon agreement made with the intended parents and the rights of children born to the surrogate mothers. Once the law becomes strong and controversies related to the social and religious ethics will become normal, both parties can enjoy their journey without any complications and obstacles.