Inside Legal Shield: A Critical 3rd Party Review

About Legal Shield

Legal Shield is a company founded in 1972 by entrepreneur and visionary, Harland Stonecipher. Mr. Stonecipher founded the company after being involved in a serious vehicle accident. Although he had car insurance to assist in his vehicle damage as well as health insurance to cover his hospital bills, he was completely unprepared for the legal expenses he quickly incurred.

Mr. Stonecipher quickly realized that although the United States has long had one of the world’s most advanced legal systems offering “justice for all”, often times that justice comes at quite a steep price that the average American unfortunately struggles to afford.

He decided to create a solution and thereby offer top legal services to Americans everywhere at a fraction of what those same services would normally cost. Pre-Paid Legal Services was born.

The company expanded quickly and was even listed on the New York Stock Exchange where it was a consistent top performer. In June of 2011, Stonecipher and his shareholders completed the sale and managerial transfer of the company to Midocean Partners, making it a privately held company for the first time in a long while.

The decision to re-brand and rename the company, Legal Shield, was officially announced at the company’s convention in Dallas, Texas on September 10, 2011. Legal Shield provides its services throughout the United States as well as in 4 Canadian provinces.

Legal Shield Service Summary

Legal Shield services are available on a month-to-month basis. Members have access to a multitude of service offerings that are tailored specifically to their needs. For $26 a month, one of the most popular plans the company offers members is called the Family Plan. It provides members with 5 main areas of coverage.

The first area of coverage is preventive legal services. Members receive access to premier law firms in their state for unlimited phone consultations. Members can have wills prepared for them as well as letters or phone calls written or placed on their behalf by the law firm.

The second area coverage is for motor vehicle incidents. Members can receive representation and consultation for moving traffic violations as well as for incidents of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, and other vehicular homicide charges.

The third coverage area is trial defense. Members receive 75 hours of their law firm’s time for civil or criminal suit consultation and representation. Additional hours are available at a significant discount of the law firms’ regular hourly rate.

The fourth area is IRS audit coverage. Members have access to up to 50 hours of a tax attorney’s assistance in case they are audited by the IRS.
The fifth area of coverage provides members with a 25 % discount of the law firm’s regular hourly rate for legal issues that do not fall within the four areas of coverage.

Legal Shield also offers its members 24/7 access to an attorney should they be detained by police, be involved in a car accident, etc.

Another one of Legal Shields more popular services is its Identity Theft Shield. For a monthly fee this service provides continual monitoring of a member’s credit profile as well as full forensic restoration services in case their identity is compromised.


Legal Shield markets its services through a diverse network of business affiliates known as independent associates. In order to enroll as an associate one must pay a one time fee of $249. The company provides marketing materials, support, and on going training.

Legal Shield pays advanced commissions on the sale of its membership plans.These upfront bonuses can be quite lucrative allowing associates to generate large commissions paid on a daily basis. Legal Shield associates also have the ability to recruit other associates to market the company’s services and recruit associates. Associates are able to earn commission overrides on the sales efforts of those within their own personal sales organisations.

The Missing Piece

The Legal Shield financial opportunity provides associates with a fantastic opportunity to build a lucrative home-based business and achieve financial independence. However, as with any business enterprise an associate’s chances of success are directly related to hard work and effort in order to achieve maximum results.

Although Legal Shield may sometimes provide its associates with potential customers or leads the reality is that the vast majority of an associate’s responsibility is to find new customers and sales associates on their own. This presents numerous challenges for any associate especially those who have not been able to grow a business beyond their friends and family members.

However, with the dramatic rise of the internet, Legal Shield associates can now equip themselves with dynamic new online marketing strategies and approaches that will help them grow a successful Legal Shield business without having to chase friends and family members around. Mastering online marketing strategies is a critical component to success in Legal Shield and for many associates it is the “missing piece” to achieving great success with this company.

Know More About Prepaid Legal Services and Its Marketability

The idea of the home business has only been strengthened with the growth of the internet and the online marketing environment. The only issue in regards to starting an online home business is in finding a demand that needs to be met online and then efficiently marketing that demand to increase your sales.

For those individuals who are not looking to design their own business and are instead interested in making money off of a system that already exists and has proven to be successful, then prepaid legal services is for you. The industry of law is in its highest demand in history as courts are overwhelmed by the multiple legal issues individuals are turning to the court to resolve.

Every person will one day require some form of legal support and realizing this will allow an individual the understanding of the solutions offered by it. The monthly affordable payments associated with a prepaid legal plan are highly preferred in comparison to the thousands of dollars an individual would pay for an attorneys services only once.

The opportunity to make money in the prepaid legal services environment arises with the ability to make commission based on the individuals you sign up to receive this fantastic service. It offer a large variety of legal services including preventative legal service, motor vehicle service, trial defense service, tax audit service, legal shield, as well as twenty-five percent off any service that is not included in the original services. The marketability of the it is high because it is a system that is ideal of any individuals current or future legal situations.

Selling a service to individuals may not be for everyone, although every individual does wish to attain the rewards available in the prepaid legal industry and now this is possible. The prepaid legal services plan has combined with the Blast Off system of online shopping. The Blast Off system is designed to provide shopping opportunities to individuals who desire to save money when shopping on the internet. This is a free service offered by Blast Off making it marketability very simple since it requires no investment from members that you sign up.

As the marketer you will make a commission from the purchases the individuals you signed up make through the Blast Off system. To even future boost your advantages, if one of your members decide to utilize the it offered on the Blast Off website you still receive the commission as if you sold it yourself. So now as a online marketer for prepaid legal services you are making commissions on the sales made through Blast Off in addition to the commission made with prepaid legal with little to no effort on your part.

Prepaid Legal Review – A Fair and Unbiased PPL Review

Prepaid Legal Review – What are they selling?

Prepaid Legal offers several legal plans they have a family plan, a business plan, and even an identity theft shield. The most important things to recognize in regards to the product is how you and your eventual downline will market the product. PPL offers a quality marketable product, however it can be easily misinterpreted because of the name “Prepaid”. While they offer several free services such as a will, limited contract review, phone consultations, and more. The legal plan is not insurance and customers are not prepaying for unlimited legal representation. Having a Pre Paid Legal plan is a proactive approach to legal protection and offers a discount when certain representation is needed. The product component of this review is simply to give you an overview of what to consider prior to becoming a customer or joining as a distributor. For the exact details on the product specifics contact an able Pre-Paid Legal representative.

Prepaid Legal Review – The Company and Leadership

Pre-Paid Legal was founded by Harland Stonecipher and has been operating since 1972. In January of 2011 the company has agree to go from being a publicly traded company to a private one. This deal is expected to be complete by July of 2011. While the company once leveraged the fact that they were a publicly traded company, being private also has many benefits to the company and distributors. PPL with out questions has a strong foundation of corporate and field leaders that have driven this company to a half a billion dollar business.

Prepaid Legal Review – The Compensation, Show Me the Money!

The most exciting feature to Pre-Paid Legal’s compensation plan is next day pay. PPL offers the ability to receive commission by direct deposit every 24 hours. Overall PPL offers a lucrative compensation plan that has substantial upfront bonuses based upon the contract term chosen when the service is sold. This term also has in impacts when residual income begins. An important component of Prepaid Legal’s compensation plan is that residual income is not paid out immediately, however residual income on products sales is a component of the compensation plan. This compensation review would not be complete without mentioning another important element of the PPL compensation plan the “chargeback”. Because the company offers an upfront commission a portion of that upfront commission may be recovered by the company if the service is cancelled within a specific time period. All that being said the company offers a fair and marketable compensation plan that has proven to pay distributors that are serious about building their Prepaid Legal business.

What Does It Take To Succeed in PPL?

Prepaid Legal has proven to be a solid company, with great corporate and field leaders. They have a rich culture and proven track record within the Network Marketing Industry. Yet the facts are clear, even though PPL has great leaders, a lucrative compensation plan, and a marketable product none of that has any bearing on your success. Prepaid Legal is first and foremost a Network Marketing company; therefore your success is completely based on your ability to sponsor quality distributors into your business. Therefore you must be able to connect with and close a high number of people into your Prepaid Legal business.

Since your success hinges entirely on your ability to market and generate quality leads. I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a substantial income in Prepaid Legal Services implement a proven Attraction Marketing System. This system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals interested in an opportunity but don’t want to join you’re Prepaid Legal business or use it as a tool. If you tie this online Attraction Marketing System and branding with a solid strategy Prepaid Legal could be a life changing opportunity.